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CACTUS MASK 1ea(30ml) (선인장 마스크 팩 1ea(30ml))



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The JMsolution Believe in Nature Cactus Mask is a soothing and
moisturizing mask that relieves dry and sensitive skin by creating a
refreshing, calming moisture barrier.
In this sheet mask, extract and oil unfold a restructuring, skinsoothing,
cell-regenerating effect. The skin barrier is strengthened
and thus the skin’s moisture supply is optimized.
Due to the cactus extract, which has great vitality and a calming
complex, the mask offers soothing and moisturizing care for
stressed skin.
For Which Skin type?
The perfect moisture boost to calm the skin and give it a youthful
glow. Optimal also for soothing sensitive – even extremely sensitive –