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CURE IN COLLA-BIOME MASK 1ea(30ml) 콜라겐 시트 마스크 팩 1ea(30ml)



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The JMsolution Cure In Colla Biome Gel Essence Mask is filled with
nutrient-rich collagen that revitalises the skin by improving elasticity.
The combination of 3 Skin Microbiome ingredients and skin-like
collagen (BabyCollagen) serves as an instant water replenisher for
dry skin.
The fermented collagen ingredients contained in the Colla-Biome
complex support the natural collagen build-up and provide more
resilience and elasticity, whilst soothing skin irritation and redness.
For Which Skin type?
Ideal for dry, mature skin that needs intensive nourishment. Perfect also
as a concentrated collagen treatment when the skin lacks elasticity and