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CURE IN HYAL-BIOME MASK 1ea(30ml) (히알 바이오 마스크 팩 1ea(30ml))



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The JMsolution Cure In Hyal Biome Mask with soft gel essence
provides an instant supply of refreshing moisture.
The combination of 3 skin microbiome ingredients and hydrating pentahyaluronic
acids not only provides temporary hydration, but also a longterm
intensely moisturizing and firming effect.
The pro Micro Biome Complex with skin-friendly ingredients from three
fermentation stages additionally promotes the bacterial balance of the
skin and strengthens the skin’s defences.
For Which Skin type?
Ideal if the skin suffers from dryness or tension. Perfect also as a
moisturizing mask for daily use. Provides intensive moisture without
leaving a sticky residue.